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  • Research& Development,Core Power of the Sustainable Development of Vland

    Technological innovation is the driving force behind Vland. New products and technol- ogies with proprietary intellectual properties are developed to live up to our standards as a world-class high-tech enterprise. 

    At present, Vland’s technical R&D team is composed of 22 doctors, 13 senior engineers, over 100 graduates from master’s degree programs, an advisory team with a number of experts from around China and abroad, and an innovation team lead by returnees from world-leading enzyme enterprises.

    28 Provincial and Ministerial New 
    Technologies and Products 
    44 Scientific Achievements 
    28 Technology Awards 
    320 Patents Applications and 159 Authorized 
    In charge of 31 National Projects, 
    44 Provincial Projects 
  • World-class energy efficiency
    Core Technology